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Show your bare walls some love.  Original art works will be for sale up to 70% off at Eunice's Pop-Up Art Shop.  Drop in anytime from 3-7pm to find that perfect piece to complement your room, office, or commercial space.  Light refreshments will be served.

Town Grammercy
33 Irving Place NY 10003

Soundtracks:Freestyle explores visually communicating the nature of freestyling through painting. It is choreography expressed onto a two-dimensional surface. Each brushstroke is done to the rhythm, tempo, and texture of the instruments and vocals; while the color palette reflects the artist’s interpretation of the music’s energy and tone.

Born and raised in the Philippines into a military family, Eunice found early success exhibiting at solo and group shows, festivals, museums, and galleries. She graduated with honors from Harvard University’s select visual and environmental studies program with a focus in oil painting. Because her numerous talents extend beyond art—notably in dance, music, and athletics—she is considered to be a modern-day renaissance woman. Soundtracks: Freestyle is the culmination of all her passions, with works being featured in commercial projects in China as well as in the newly opened EAST hotel in Miami, Florida. Eunice lives and works in New York City.


Janet. Acrylic on canvas,
each 30 x 30 inches 

Remember the 90s, Acrylic on canvas,
36 x 48 inches.

Kill the Lights, Acrylic on canvas,
36 x 48 inches.

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